Do you have high heating costs but always too cold?

From uncomfortable situation ...

disegno di situazione di estremo disagio
The hot air produced by heating systems inevitably ascends upwards stratifying below the ceiling and then slowly dispersing to the outside, making absolutely not effective and not economic the high costs faced by the companies to heat the rooms.
The energy and money wastage are the more significant the more higher the structure examined is high and lacks of insulation of its coverage.
For every meter in height corresponds an increase of one centigrade degree of temperature then, in a shed of 7 meters high, the difference between the ceiling and the ground is at least 7 degrees!

… to a situation of extreme comfort

disegno di situazione di comfort
The range of solutions for Pionair Destratification has been specifically designed to eliminate the stratification of air and, consequently, homogenize the temperature in all buildings in which it operates.
Taking advantage of the big air column produced by the big blades from patented profile that moves at an extremely slow speed, you can obtain the rebalancing of the vertical temperature distribution.
The equable heating redistribution in all points of the environments prevents the formation of humidity/stagnation even in the peripheral areas of the buildings.

Cheaper cooling system

disegno mano che regola la temperatura
Installing a valid and effective destratification system allows to immediately find that, without acting on the thermostats of the heating system, there is a drastic reduction of “boiler” operation time.
This is due to the fact that, while keeping the ground temperature at the one desired, the heating system must not produce additional heating to saturate also the upper parts of the structure, but produces only and exclusively what is necessary to standardize the temperature.
Setting the thermostat to 18 ° C at eye level in a shed of 7 meters high, without destratification, the heating system produces and consumes more to obtain even more than 25 ° C in areas close to the ceiling instead, with the destratifying system, it produces and consumes just enough to maintain the uniformity of 18 ° C in the building as a whole.

Essentially, IN WINTER,
Pionair Systems impact on the Operating Environment improving the Perceived Health and, consequently, the Comfort, Security and Productivity of the workforce.

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